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Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

The Trappist

Trappist are monks who are not allowed to preach or to teach. Their lives are devoted to mediation, studying and reading.
In 1949, agroup of Trappist fled to Hong Kong from China, leaving behind their houses and their dairy industry.They dresse thems elves as laborers and carried only a few possessions.
Here, the monks had start as new life. They founds it difficult to obtain food and they had nowhere to I live, but somehow they managed with the help of the community and charitable organizations. It was not until 1995 that the Hong Kong government granted them land on Lantao island.
 The monks are not allowed to beg for a living, so they had to work very hard on the island.They start a dairy farm, kept about five hundred chickens and started growing their own vegetables.
A large part of the work of the Trappist is concerned with their dairy. The cows are fed regularly , milked and kept healthy. The dairy which proceduces about two thousand bottles of milk a day, brings the monks their main income. The monks sell about half of the milk to a large hotel in Hong Kong, while hospitals and school buy the rest. The monks also earn some money by selling eggs. Sometimes The Trappist Sell some of their cattyle. The monks themselves do not eat meat, however, as they are vegetarians.

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